Friday, May 27, 2011

We Went To Africa...

Well, sort of. Last weekend we went to The Wild Animal Park with Freckle's Grandparents and Great Gramma. Freckles and I were actually pretty sick that day, though some fresh air did us good. It was a nice day out, not too hot just right. We took it easy for the most part. Since Gramma was in a wheel chair.
The best part of the day for Freckles was seeing an owl up close and personal...
We didn't make it up the hill to see the elephants... Maybe next time.
Great Gramma treated us to ice cream cones which were perfect for sore throats mind you.
Thanks Gramma!

Great Gramma even got Freckles a little souvenir....
Gramma and Pop Pop got her a barn owl stuffed animal to add to her growing collection. I am sure we'll get a picture later... Pop Pop had a bunch of pictures on his camera but didn't send them our if your reading this Dad...e-mail me the pics. LOL!!!
Next stop, we took a ride on the wild safari tram through Africa...
I told you we went to Africa!
We even got to see some rare the John Deere and the bobcats above.
 I guess their re-doing the lions den.
We had an extra guest for lunch...This silly Haron ate a fry right out of my hand and wasn't a bit scared of me. He must be used to all the humans from the park. That was pretty sweet!

Later that afternoon we finished off the day watching the bird show...Freckles was thrilled that an owl flew just feet away from our heads. It was a fun filled day regardless of being sick the whole time. I think we are slowly on the mend...A church member brought us a meal the other night which was helpful since I have been running fevers all week. So nice to think someone even thought of us...Since Mr. Darling has been so heavy into the books finishing off his third year in Seminary...He's finally done and now preparing for a Summer internship until Fall. It will be a nice change of scenery and pace. Thanks again to all who left comments and e-mails your so sweet to send get well wishes!
 Have a great Friday!!!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day. I didn't know they had giraffe's at the San Diego Zoo. I lived there for how many years and never been to the zoo.

    I am glad Bri got to see the owl up close. She is so darn cute! Looks more like me everyday giggle giggle :)

    Nice to see you Grandma and Tim and yeah Dad send the pictures!

    Love you guys

  2. i was hoping that you would have been all better by now and ready to fully enjoy the holiday weekend. hopefully today will be the day and you will feel back to normal. sorry to hear youve been sick. that is surely no fun. Freckles is so cute with her hair like that! Now I want to go to the zoo.. I just cant stand the crowds. Have to go on a weekend day. have a sweet weekend my friend!

  3. Oh! What a fun and awesome post! I'm glad that I came back to your blog to visit you.
    Cheers to the zoo!
    Once Upon A Fairyland