Monday, June 20, 2011

100 years...

Oh to live 100 years....
And play the harmonica!
Dorothy Custer...My Step Gramma turned 100 years old this month....What an accomplishment! She was recently chosen as The Pioneer of the Year in Twin Falls, Idaho and flew to Burbank yesterday to be on The Jay Leno Show which will be on tonight! My Step Mama and her siblings will be there with her to celebrate her big day. And boy...does she play a mean harmonica! You go Gramma Custer!!!
 Happy 100 years....and here's to many more!


  1. Oh my gosh! what a doll she is! I'm so impressed at how mentally fit she is! wow! do you see her often? Id want to be talking to her everyday. what a gem!
    thanks for sharing her here.
    have a great day Mica

  2. God bless her...what an inspiration she is...indeed....blessings on your week dear Mica.

  3. Congrats! My Grandma lived to 101... the amazing thing to me is to know that we are immortal in Christ. :)

  4. how grand!! I was lucky enough to attend a 100th birthday party this year for a family was my first one and I hope not my last!

  5. Oh My Lord! I am in love with Gramma Custer!!!!Happy 100 years and I loved her interview! I can't wait to show Donovan, We love turkey in the straw!

    Thankyou for sharing

    Love you sissy!


  6. Wow! What an inspiration! Thanks for sharing. My dad did a skydive last year for his 80th birthday, but then had a fit when my sister shared the photos that were taken, so I don't dare post any.

  7. Truly Amazing!! So Inspiration too. Our outlook on life keeps us going STRONG, Young and Living Long! :)I usually go to bed early and get up early... but Tonight, I may just tune into Jay Leno. This is wonderful. Thanks for the info Mica. I told your brother about this... he thought 100 was amazing. Hugs and Love to you All. xoxoxo

  8. Bless her heart! How sweet. Can't wait to see her on Leno tonight.

  9. Congratulations to Gramma Custer!
    You go girl !!

  10. Wow, happy happy birthday Dorothy!! I hope to be soo full of life like you!! Clarice