Tuesday, June 21, 2011


However you say it or however you spell it....It's delicious!
 We stewed up some tamaters yesterday for future recipes.....Unfortunately I didn't grow these babies in my garden. Last year I only got two then the plant died. My soil here is like clay so, there is nowhere to grow them except a container...Which I killed accidentally. I am new to tamater gardening.
Someday...prayerfully we will have a garden where I can plant food.
Okay, okay...So I got some tamaters, washed them....
then boiled them for 1 1/2 minutes until the skins cracked
After they are boiled, I placed them in cold water and peeled the skins completely off.
 It is very easy! I prepared my canner with water and brought it to a boiling simmer. In the meantime, I cored the tamaters and cut them into bite sized chunks, poured them into a clean pot with juice, seeds and all bringing it to a boiling simmer for 15 minutes adding salt, pepper and sugar to taste.
Once they were finished simmering I poured the tamaters into prepared canning jars with lids, placed them into the canner, submerging the jars into the boiling water bath and processed them for 35 minutes.
Voila! They are now stored awaiting to be used in a meal. Yummy!
 I can't wait to make a delicious dish for my family using these wholesome goodies.
Here are some ideas for you to use stewed tamaters in your recipes:
Pour stewed tomatoes over macaroni
Use it to make Tamater Soup
Make homemade Tamater sauce
Use it in Roasts
Make homemade ketchup
Meatball Soup
Did you see My 100 year old Gramma Custer on Jay Leno?
Clicke here for part one and here for part two!
She is a HOOT!!!!
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  1. sweet stuff! I'm just thinking of all the things you can make with those!
    have a great day

  2. Your tomaters look so good and I love your dear Grandma...what a blessing...My dad wants to live to be 100...I pray he makes it too!
    Blessings dear friend.

  3. I have been wanting to do this too. Again, you have inspired me farther with this post. Yours looks so delicious, fun and easy enough to try.I have two friends here in Texas who also just moved from Cali. They live farther out East from us 2 hours away into the country. (Tyler, TX) They grow and can goods, also pressure cook. Have you heard of that? I hope I am saying right. lol! I hope one day if 'y'all' visit us you can show me first hand on your skills on this. Let us know what you "cook up" with it. :)

    We stayed up long enough to see Jay Leno last night. All I have to say is what a delightful lady Grandma Custer is. Loved what she said about the "credit cards" being the worst invention in 100 years. I couldn't agree with her more. :) Hugs to the Family! Love, Nene

  4. Just startin' to catch up with you. Your tomatoes look gorgeous - and my eagle eye spotted that cute little recipe card too that I just know you had to make. You are toooooo cute! :)

    Well, I'm off to see what else you've been up to.

  5. What a delightful woman Gramma Custer is! I really enjoyed watching her. Love the tomatoes as well. I have never canned tomatoes, but it must be so nice to have your own tucked away in the cupboard in the winter. I always just freeze them whole in zip locks. The skins slip right off and they are ready to be cooked up as whatever. I miss having all my canning stuff over here. Happy Wednesday and summer!! xxoo

  6. Yes, they are very delicious. I could eat a fresh tomatoes with every meal.

  7. I love stewed maters! So many great uses for them too. I'm off now to check out your Grandma!
    Happy REDnesday,

  8. I just had to come back and tell you how charming and entertaining your Grandma is! What a blessing she must be to your family. And sharp as a tack too. I could listen to her talk, and play harmonica for hours!

  9. Looks like you've mastered the technique of stewing 'maters (as my Kentucky neighbors called them years ago).


    Woman in the scarlet coat,
    Are you heading for a boat?
    Or perhaps you need a bus
    To get far away from us.
    Whether wheels or sails you take
    Don’t forget the chocolate cake
    To sustain you on your way;
    Red-clad damsel, now we say,
    “Go with grace, enjoy the ride,
    See you on the other side!”

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Red-Roofed Lighthouse

  10. Your Gramma is a hoot....Paul's Gramma will be 104 in Sept...Lord Willing

  11. Filling your pantry, you go girl xoxo Clarice