Friday, June 3, 2011

Vintage Flea Market....

Freckles and I had another fun filled girls day out with our friend Marmie. It was fun walking around gathering up inspiration and dreaming. Most of the things were wayyy out of our price range, but it was still fun just window shopping and looking at all the eye candy.

Marmie was having fun browsing too.
.I am pretty sure it was a first going to a Flea Market.
 We were happy to share it with her.

And of course I had to have Freckles pose for me..
I would have brought the vintage couch in a flash if I could...
So we'll just pretend we did.

I also met a gal in this one booth above who was a real sweety...Come to find out after I gave her my business card that several years back when I started blogging on my art blog...Garb~Oodles that she was actually inspired by me to start blogging etc... I was humbled...It was so nice to meet her.
 Visit her shop here .

So we continued on...Freckles looked over and said,"Hey Mom isn't that your Artist Friend"? I look over and said, well sure looks like her work...I walked up and there she was...
My friend Jenny from Polka Dot Pixie. I have been blogging buddies with her for years now and had the chance to meet her when I went to teach at an Art Convention Here. It was so good seeing her again!!!

We also had fun touring a couple little vintage campers on wheels...
Hmmm. Just dreamin'!

There were so many beautiful booths...My eyes were going wild...
I really loved the shabby chic romantic pieces too...Even though I don't decorate that way....
I still loved it.

Ahh..Here's my pretty Freckles again!!!!
I love this little girl to pieces!

I wish I could have brought this home but for 40 bucks...
I was like...nope...So I snapped a picture!

I am loving today...It was a blast. I also found out this Flea Market is open every three months...You bet, I will be back and maybe...If I get myself in gear for once I will have to have me a booth there for my goodies...Maybe in 6 months!!! I hope you enjoyed the pictures from our day...
 Have a great weekend!!!
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  1. What a fun flea market. So much eye candy there. Thanks for linking it up at HSH!

  2. How wonderful to meet Jenny there! I have known Jenny for many years also. She is a treasure and so very talented! It looks like a fabulous flea market and the best part of all is you got to do it with your lovely daughter and friend! xxoo

  3. Looks like a lot of fun for you three...and how nice to run into friends there...blessings

  4. What a Beautiful DAY!!! It all looks so Fun to see. I am so glad you had a great time with your friend and your daughter. How neat to run into your "blogging Artist friend". :) Miss you and enjoy the rest of your weekend. :) Love, Nene...

  5. Oh, how fun! As soon as I saw your DD w/that little stove behind her I thought..she's in a vintage camper. And sure enough. I was right. :) LOVE those old campers.