Monday, June 6, 2011

Czech This Out!!!!

Last week we had our Czech fundraiser...It was beautiful. Our friend Marilee organized the whole event for our son and pulled the entire night off without a snag. There were 14 musicians who played the piano that night...all were wonderful and so very talented.
Our son opened the night with Valse by Chopin...later he and Marilee played a duet...A Slavonic dance piece by a Czech composer...It was almost five minutes long & really got the crowd going!
Our daughter played a piece called Carnival of Venice which was very sweet and whimsical....I am so proud that she just started learning piano this last year and has already learned to read music and play by ear as well as memorize songs...I can't do that.
The last song was played by our son...It was a piece he composed and has written and stored into his head...called Senza Parole which means (Without Words) in Italian...Our son knocked the socks off everyone and I am pretty sure there was not a dry eye in the building. It was awesome. The night was a success raising over $700 dollars to go towards his Czech trip this Summer...We are so very blessed to have all the support from our Church family. If I get a hold of any video footage or more pics. I will share later...
Have a great week!!!


  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful time and a great success. Making music is such a wonderful gift.


  2. Sounds and looks a great event Mica!! I bet your son and daughter were the highlight of the evening. I do love to listen to the piano. It can be very moving! xxoo

  3. I hope you do get a hold if some video, I would soo love to hear!
    I'm glad the night was successful. when does he go on his trip?
    have a sunny day!

  4. How wonderful and what a blessing to have such dear friends xoxo Clarice

  5. Wish I could have been there. I know just how talented my Grandchildren are and I am so proud. Abrianna is looking more like a young lady instead of a freckled face little girl. She is beautiful !
    Love you guys