Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Old Town 4th Of July Parade....

I took Freckles to our towns 4th of July parade Monday morning. She doesn't remember the few parades we went to when she was smaller..So, thought she would really enjoy seeing a small town parade. It was HOT out! We walked for miles it seemed until we met up with our friends there. Freckles waved our flag in honor of America's birthday!

George washington? Yup, he was there. We called out George!!!!
 And he gave us a sweet wave and a smile.
There were floats that represented our small town from the horse feed store, agriculture, winery to trolleys, to old Americana & the towns Mayor. It was a Yankee doodle of a time! Still, too hot though!
 I met a Smokey The Bear when I was a little girl...I have to dig out the picture sometime!
 I feel bad for the guy's who had to wear those costumes in over 100 degree weather.
It was so hot that this horse was passed out on one of the floats.
Well, heat and all we're glad we went out in it to give support to our country!
 How did you celebrate the 4th?

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