Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bible For Breakfast...

My husband always says...Just like we need to eat breakfast in the morning to fill us...all the more we need the Bible for Breakfast to feed our souls. So true! I will be honest...There are mornings I don't feed my spirit...for whatever reasons be it I am undisciplined. Thank God for the husband I have for always encouraging me/us to fill our minds and bodies with the word of God with our children at breakfast time.
"People need more than bread for their life:They must feed on every word of God"
~Matthew 4:4

Every most mornings Freckles and I read from our 6 month track...It has taken longer than 6 months...But happy to report we are almost done with it. We will have read scripture in every book of the Bible. These days...we have been a lot more diligent in reading the Bible for breakfast...Because I know that I need it and my kids need it and because God calls us to read the word. It really has been a great way to start the day. My dear husband also says...
You wouldn't starve yourself from food right?, so why would your starve yourself of the word?"

Now since school will be starting back up our family won't have the same schedule.BOOOO!!!! Mr. Darling has classes during the week which will take much of the day and Maestro has started a couple classes in college which will keep him from a normal morning routine. My hubby though, as disciplined as he is reads the word every morning over coffee...As our son and a few friends who are also attending college with him have pulled together to read and discuss scripture as their devotions. This gives me complete joy.
"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth. ~3 John: 4
 So looks like it's just me and Freckles most days...
I feel very strongly our mornings with God and Bible for breakfast
 is a priority we need to focus our day.

Not only do we read the word...We also pray. Mr. Darling wrote up a whole little prayer booklet for Freckles to use as prayer guides for morning prayer, meals and night prayers as well. It is so neat. So each morning we read the morning prayer together and pray for others and the goings on.
"Pray without ceasing"
~1 Thessalonians 5:17

"The family that prays together stays together"

Another part of our devotion time is reading from this devotion. I read it to Freckles and she looks up the scripture verses and reads them aloud. Then we talk about it. We also got her a Faith Journal where she can write down her thoughts, joys, fears and take it to the Lord in prayer.

When we walk by the Spirit the fruit of the Spirit will be evident in our lives:
 love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control
-Galatians 5:16, 22-23
I pray you too will start your day of with your Bible for breakfast...It will keep you going all day long!


  1. Mica,
    Love this post.. Yes, God first and forget about "JOE" in the morning.. LOL
    I always enjoy coming here for your inspiration.
    Thank you!

  2. So True... yes, "just like food for our body and Gas for our car we need HIS WORD Daily." I have to say am a Prayer Warrior and Worshiper - I gravitate to these too daily and even though I know scripture hidden in my heart and spirit from growing up and hearing encouraging verses, I do need to read God's Word in the morning more too. I can't imagine going one day or even an hour without prayer in my personal daily life. However, sadly I can say I have gone a day without reading the bible. So with this said... I am off to read HIS Word. Love you sis! xoxox

  3. A very true and meaningful post dear Mica....I too need much discipline in this area...thanks for the encouragement....blessings