Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gifts From Czech....

It's been a week since my son returned from his trip to Czech. It's been great having him home. This week we just sort of hung out, taking it easy, enjoying our last days of Summer. We are all preparing for school to begin. Our son started a couple classes at a Jr. College yesterday...as Mr. Darling will start September 1st. I will be starting Freckles lessons after Labor Day weekend. Sorry I have been quiet around here...I had three teeth pulled last week and still trying to recover from the pain...But wanted to pop in and share the gifts my son brought back from Prague! The first three pictures is of the scarf he got Freckles...It is colorful just like her. She loved it. Maestro said that scarves are a big thing in the Czech Republic...

He had a grand time for one whole week hiking many many miles in the Czech mountains....Somewhere along that trip he spotted these sweet owls from afar in the window of a shop...And knew he had to get them for his sister...and as a special belated birthday gift to her since he was unable to be here for her birthday. The owls are completely handmade from elements found in the forests/mountains of Czech...It is the sweetest, simplest, most thoughtful gift he could have gotten her. It now hangs in her room to enjoy.

He found some babushka nesting dolls for me to add to my collection.
 I love them of course!

Lastly he brought back Czech beer for Mr. Darling. I was actually shocked he made it out of the country with them...and gasped when he told me they sold it to him. All the gifts were thoughtful and appreciated. I am so happy he took the time to think about what we like. He really is such a sweet young man. He even brought back his friend a lovely gift...which I don't have pictures of...but it totally represented her to the "T". I told him that he has good taste just like his Mama.(LOL). Hope you all are enjoying the last days of Summer.

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  1. All wonderful but those owls are just the most wonderful of all. They are so cute!! I know your daughter was thrilled to receive them.