Monday, September 12, 2011

Bitter Sweet......

Yesterday he started Kindergarten.

Today he started College.

Can somebody please tell me who took my little boy? Who is this guy who has a DEEP voice, shaves, drives, has a job and now goes to college? All kidding aside. It is bitter sweet to watch this little child grow, yet, you want him to grow into a fine God fearing man. But it has flown by too quickly for this Mother Bird. I tried not to blink. I savored every moment I possibly could...yet still he grew up before my eyes. I thank God for this young man.This is a year of many accomplishments and growth in faith. His walk has been amazing and significant. It is just different around here, as he is gone every day taking a couple classes at a Jr. College, then working his first job. His home schooling journey has come to a close. I am torn. But know this is a wonderful thing. He is growing and maturing into a stand up gent. I have faith that we gave him a wonderful solid Christian foundation to lead him into this life with purpose and gratitude for what he has been graciously given by God. I pray he will use his talent and gifts for good and make a life for himself and always give that glory to our Heavenly Father. No matter what though...To me, he will always be that little boy in the first photo above. I am so very happy for him!


  1. Your son seems like a very well adjusted happy and decent young man. Well done! I know how sad it is when all of a sudden they seem to have grown up overnight and then they are gone. ((((hugs)))) I am sure he is a real credit to your parenting skills! xxoo

  2. Time goes by too fast doesn't it?

    Susan and Bentley

  3. Oh he was such a cute little boy. I share your feelings. I have those college age kids too around here and it is good to be done with them but sad at the same time.

  4. He seems to me a funny, smart, and superb young man. I like you have never taken a moment for granted...yet it seemed to go faster because of it. You know what they say about having fun, and time. ;)

    I look forward to hearing of his new adventures. My God keep him and use him.

  5. I know huh Mica!
    Where did he go? I know one thing, you and Tony have done an outstanding job raising him , home schooling him and teaching him the way of life with God in it. I too am so proud of him and know he is on the right path for a wonderful life.
    When did he get a job and where? Congratulations Vinnie! Oh and what is he driving? I thought you only had one car.
    Yeah, were did that little boy go?
    Love you guys

  6. Congratulations !!! My son is in first grade and I know very soon I am gonna be experimenting the same....

  7. Ah, this sweet huggy cute. I am so blessed that our lives are intertwined since he was a little boy (well age 7!or 9?). You have given him such a gift by being a wonderful mother and a godly woman...a garland to grace his head and a chain to adorn his neck. (adapted Pr 4:1-9)
    Lots of reasons to be proud, and thankful.