Saturday, September 10, 2011

Literary Tea Time...2011

Today was the day....Our literary Tea Group has officially come together for the year. There were some changes however.... Our hostess last year is busy with college classes and decided she would not be able to continue the group. As many of you know, who have followed my blog for a time... Freckles and I have grown to love the group so much that I asked our friend if she wouldn't mind if we took it over. She was delighted to pass it on to us. I am so happy to have the opportunity to bless young maidens with this sweet tradition. A group of young ladies and their mothers coming together once a month to enjoy a traditional tea, food, fellowship, prayer and reading from sound Christian literature. I now consider this my ministry in the making to encourage young ladies as the Bible instructs. Our afternoon started with reading a few excerpts from The Valley of Vision, a collection of prayers & devotions.(Thanks Marilee). We then started reading from Little Threads by Elizabeth Prentiss written in 1863. It is a story about obedience. We read about the contrasting lives of Tangle Thread and Golden Thread, one the cause of much grief for her godly mother, and the other the only bright spot in her poor mother's world. Yet, we only got half way through the book. We will look forward to next months tea to finish the rest of the story.

I pray our time together this year will be fruitful and glorify God. I pray this time will strengthen our bond as mothers, daughters and sisters in Christ, that we would grow in our faith together.
Of course there was food. The table was set for our young maidens to enjoy the fruits of their labors, since everyone contributed something wonderful to share.
There was plenty of tea...
We must have had about 5 pots full.YUM!
It was thoroughly a wonderful time spent together. I was blessed by each and every one of these young ladies...and now, looking forward to next month when ...Lord willing we will come together again.
Thank you for stopping by....Have a blessed weekend!


  1. I am soo glad you are carrying on thie tradition. It will be a special memory you will always carry. Plus look how Freckles can work on her hostess skills; this will be very useful later in life. xoxo Clarice

  2. That looks just lovely! Those little fork picks in the sandwiches are really charming -- and the colors in your pictures are wonderful.

    We (our homeschool group) just had our first session of our Teen Shakespeare Reading Club where we read Act I of Macbeth as a group -- not quite as peaceful and lovely as your group -- but we did have rollicking good fun.

  3. All I need is directions to your house!