Thursday, September 29, 2011


Sorry it has been a while since I have dropped in. I spent the last week doctoring myself from the flu. Thankfully it was a shortened illness. I was loading up on a ton of vitamin C. Still a little out of it, but surely on the mend. School has resumed. This semester we are finishing up on our nature study on Botany. One thing we find very interesting is pollination through God's littlest creatures. One being, The Honey Bee.
I spent about 20 minutes taking pictures of these marvelous creatures swarming in our little orange tree. Freckles stayed inside for fear they would sting her. I stayed pretty still, as not too disrupt their pollen hunting and nectar sipping. It was quite amazing though...I must admit. Even though I was a bit frightened of them myself. I captured some pretty decent shots...shared them with Freckles and talked about them.

Honey bees are our friends of course. They are definitely very important to our little world. If you haven't studied much about these little critters...It is a must learn for everyone. They are spectacular for sure.
Happy Learning.

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  1. beautiful pictures Mica! I was looking at a lady bug last night and was marveling at Gods tiniest wonders..... (though I do not like bugs!) Your pictures made me feel bad for all the bees Ive killed that have found their way into my house!! I do have to admit that I LOVE bumble bees as they look like fat teddybears!
    have a great day!