Thursday, September 29, 2011

We Couldn't Resist....

Today was art class. Another very simple project...yet quite fun. Through the years of home schooling...I have slacked in the art department. Go figure...since I am an artist. Now that my son is attending college classes during the day...Freckles and I have more time to sit down and do art projects. She is a talented little I decided to start out with elementary lessons to give her a feel of different mediums an techniques. This project was meant to be free flowing, quick, sketchy with scribbles and such. I wanted her to fill up the page with oil crayon shapes and squiggles. This part just takes a few minutes.

Next we added black water color over the whole piece. See how the oil crayon resists the black paint? After the piece drys completely...We took a black permanent marker and quickly traced over the colored areas...The nice thing is, it can be sketchy like. We added a little extra detail such as lines, dots and squiggles. So fun, easy and whimsical.
She did a great job. So simple. I did one right along side her.
 I had fun doing it too.
Happy Painting.


  1. WOW...those are SO beautiful(: That looks so neat and fun to do...I might give that a try...

  2. A Masterpiece pretty. There must be another artist in your family from what I have seen of Miss Freckles work...blessings

  3. I'll have to try this with my girls! Thanks for the inspiration!