Friday, October 28, 2011

A Funky, Colorful Art Class....

Last week we learned about James Rizzi a Pop Art Artist of our time who creates childlike, colorful, funky pieces of work with faces and buildings and buildings with faces...Some you may find pretty strange and wonder what the heck is in this guy's head. We found this art class project on Deep Space Sparkle for 6th graders...Yet, I am pretty sure kids younger can do this very easy painting.

Freckles enjoyed this project so much that she kept drawing different faces throughout the week on her own. This project was again, very simple with simplistic black lines and color with added whimsy giving each quirky character their individual funky look. I choose several artists each year to study and do projects on...Just to expand the horizons a bit. It's just plain ole' simple fun and learning.

I even did one along side Freckles...It was fun...even old people like myself will enjoy playing around with the lines and. color from this project.
Happy Colorful Day To You....


  1. haha, gmta. We did the same project, and I posted it last night. Yours, once again, are much more skillfully done... but we had a good time, too. :)

  2. Amazing! You both need your own gallery!