Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blessed Are the Children Of Quilters...For They Shall Inherit The Quilts...

Well my Mom was not a I have to rely on the next best thing. I found these sweet cutter quilt pieces...all hand sewn mind you. I have a simple vision for them for future endeavors. Isn't it brilliantly colorful, cheery and happy? Doesn't it make you want to smile?
They are like little pieces of art. The shapes,
 the patterns, the colors. I love them so.
Okay so here is my thoughts. There is a Vintage Flea Market in my area that is held every three I thought perhaps it would be fun to get back into doing shows again. That's how I started many moons ago with my dolls. It will be a lot of work...So I am going to spend the remainder of this Fall and Winter in hopes to make a bunch of goodies to sell in the market by Spring. In the meantime, I am going to collect some items that would be fitting to re-sell and sew and paint and create my little heart away.
So, probably the next time you see these sweet quilted blocks
 of goodness they will be transformed into something new.

And...I am keeping one for myself...since this one is so me and my colors.
Have a Happy Autumn, colorful kind of day.


  1. so pretty. I know you will make them into something delightful! cant wait to see.
    have a lovely day mica.

  2. Whatever you do with them will be wonderful....I am so sorry I haven't gotten that material to you yet....I will do my best to take care of that soon...maybe you can transform it into something for your show. That sounds exciting...I love setting up at flea markets with my wares but,its been so long...blessings

  3. I can't wait to see what your crafty hands come up with.