Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Mommie's Helper....

Not only did my son get a job this year...My dear Freckles got a job too... Over the Summer she took a certified class on baby sitting, first aid and CPR. She has been reading all about babies, children and baby sitting for quite sometime now. She loves babies. On Sunday's after church most of the time you know where to find her...she's holding a baby. A sweet opportunity came up for her. Our friends offered for her to come to their home once a week to help out the Mama...So she can get some things done.
For a nursing baby, this is a great start for both the baby and Freckles. Freckles will help out any way she can so that our Mama friend can get things done or run an errand. Freckles is ecstatic to say the least. She loves it so far. This scenario works well for a new mother and a young baby sitter to be a Mommies helper, before taking on babysitting alone for longer periods.
This will give my young maiden some experience with babies... For she expresses often she wishes to be a Mommy someday. This makes me a very proud Mommy too.
I am so happy for them.


  1. The sweetest mommie's helper ever Mica!! Love, love your little Freckles. She's quite the gal! You should be so proud of her and rightfully so! xxoo

  2. Oh my but,she is growing up...isn't she? With such love and care from her own dear mommy,Freckles has so very much to offer....I know she will be so much of a help to the young mother and have lots of fun with baby sweet. Blessings dear Mica.