Friday, October 14, 2011

Bloom Where Your Planted....

So she's in the middle of that "in between stage" Still a little girl and becoming a young young woman. I am not sure why this is all happening so early...Perhaps it is only early for me. But, with God this is the right time.This last Summer my dear little girl has bloomed in leaps and bounds. Changes everywhere have only been the obvious. We have had many talks and many hugs during this time in her life. It is such a privilege to see what God is actually doing with her. The hardest part for me is seeing her stuck between two worlds of being a little girl who plays with dolls and the other part seeing her mature and blossom in places your just not ready for at such a tender age. For there is still a part of me who wishes to see her enjoy her dolls and play for as long as she has her childhood...(no rush), yet, there is another part of me of course who wishes to see her bloom into the beautiful young woman God has meant her to be. I am not the type of Mother who gives in to the worlds thinking of  "oh this is a terrible tween stage" With emotions and physical changes within her, I try to understand the root and the heart...If it is a problem, I nip it in the bud...
(I try to at least) Then God takes care of the rest.

It is true we have our days of battle...with whatever sin it is that day. Perhaps she grumbles or comes of rude at times. We draw her about the issue at hand, why it is not appropriate for a young lady to act as that. She quickly turns the corner with a sunnier disposition once reigned in by love,compassion and patience. Above all we ask her if she glorifying God when she acts in that manner. Every time it is a no...And that is where she thinks about her actions and changes her mood. I just don't believe that such behavior should be pushed aside as" it's a stage" No, no, no...This is a heart issue that needs to be taken care of immediately or surly they will never change...And you will be a very unhappy mother. I gaurentee your home will be a happier, pleasent place to live if you just take the time to work out their heart issues immedietly.
I am quite excited to see how God is working in my daughter. Our daughters are surly designed by God to be unique." Bloom where your planted" means to grow and become all you can be, no matter where you find yourself in this journey and glorifying God in all that you do. So, even though she is between a child and a young woman...she can enjoy her calling. Being a child of God, a daughter, a sister, a enjoy her playtime and embrace the wonderful gift of girlhood/womanhood. There is no rush to get rid of the dolls just yet. She is content in her skin....knowing there is changes within her....She will only continue to bloom...And I am so happy for her.
When I became a mother, I pledged to be the best I can be to them...I promised to be there for everything and endure everything that God put my way. Some days are harder than others...I must say, I am grateful for even those hard day's for I can also grow by them...I guess you can say we are all blooming together like a beautiful bouquet. Dearest readers whom are Mothers....This is a wonderful journey...Just remember to be patient with Lot's of love,prayer and faith in God is so very important in a healthy home. Take what God gives you, embrace it and help your children to bloom....And may you also Bloom.


  1. I have been there many a time already with one more little one to go. It is a delicate time but it sounds like you are in tune to the changes. I am like you and like to deal with things immediately. There are blessings at every stage that is for sure.

  2. She's a beauty and seems to be growing up overnight! It happens so fast. Where do the years go! These can be such wonderful years, amidst the tears and tantrums and hormones! Treasure every day, they pass all too quickly. xxoo

  3. I remember these times with myself,my two daughters and now,I am seeing this in my granddaughter Kalyn 11. You are such a wonderful mother Mica.....your sweet freckles is blooming could she not with such tender loving care from her dear mother...God bless you both.

  4. She is so beautiful Mica.
    It is very hard to believe she is growing into a young lady. Seems like yesterday she was a shy little baby girl hiding behind her Mommy's knees.

    I am so proud of the way you and Mr Darling are raising her and Vince. They will be happy adults soon, ready to face the world with all the wonderful things you have taught them and they will thrive !
    I love all of you

  5. Hi. Just happened upon your little space. Mine is 7 and I am seeing her bloom into such a special, more mature, but still oh so young, girl too. Your words are beautiful and so encouraging.