Friday, October 7, 2011

Nature Autumn Walks...

It's officially Autumn...One of my favorite seasons. Yet, this is also the time where we seem to pick up those nasty colds and flu's. And, again my family got struck with it. Just as we thought it was all past us a couple weeks ago, we were hit again for a second time last week. A lot of vitamin C, water, rest and time...We are finally on a mend. Freckles and I started taking little walks around the neighborhood last week for a bit of exercise and fresh air...Most every time we find leaves and seed pods etc...lying around and bring them home...It is fun to collect God's beautiful works of art.
Yesterday we went out for a brisk nature walk around, picking up all sorts of pretty items. Leaves,twigs, pods, dried up berry looking things...all in an array of Autumn colors. Just, simply majestic. We live in the subs...which isn't like the best place to take in a nature walk....but surely even in the burbs or a city, you'll find a tree or something to marvel at....Even if it's in your own back yard. We are getting really excited... in a couple weeks we are going to the Hoot, Howl and Prowl at Blue Sky Ecological Reserve for a mile hike adventure to see some critters ( we are hoping owls) in the evening hours...And Freckles gets to dress up as a wildlife character...Oh yes she is....So we decided to make an owl costume for her to wear. Can't wait.
Okay, so back on what I was talking about. Oh yeah....Nature walks in our neighborhood. We collected some sweet things to decorate in our home for Fall...So we came up with this little darling floral arrangement using the nature finds we gathered from our walk... in a tea cup
 ( which my Gramma gave me the set)
I love this set. Isn't it just adorable? 
I really love how something like nature finds can be so simple, yet beautiful in a little vignette.
 It just looks so charming and warm. Well, I am off...I have some preparing to do for our Literary Tea on Saturday.... We just love our tea and books. Hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead.


  1. That is a lovely autumn vignette!

    Our nights are cooler here, but the highs have been in the mid 80's, but soon it will start looking more like autumn around here.

    Can't wait to see the owl costume.

  2. Beautiful collection there girls :)
    Hope you have kicked that flu for good this year.
    Take care
    Love ya

  3. Gorgeous pics..I love autumn walks they really are the best.