Saturday, October 8, 2011

Apples & Banaynays...

I wish I can say I went and picked this big basket of apples...But, I didn't. Yet, a few friends of mine and I are hoping to get to the apple orchard to do so...Hopefully. I just couldn't pass up the price at Fresh And Easy ( a supermarket here). At 49. cents a pound...I bought almost 20 pounds of Galas to make our apple sauce. Then next week I am teaching a few of my friends from church how to make and can apple sauce themselves...I knew that my kitchen would be a very busy place so...I got mine out of the way so I could devote my time to my friends. I love this time of year....makes me think of our wonderful day with my friend Susan who taught me ~n~ Freckles how to make yummy applesauce.
We set up our work stations...cut and cooked down all the apples as Miss Freckles here got to do the funnest part of all. Yup...she got to put all the apples through the food mill. And that's just where all the magic happened. It was glorious I tell you.
Not only did we spend time making applesauce...we also sent banaynays through the food mill and canned them for future use in banana bread and perhaps a shake or too...Why can bananas? Well, it's just fun and in case I don't have a nanners on hand...I know I have some in my cupboard waiting to be used in something.
After that...we didn't stop there....We also made Banana Butter...Yes, Banana Butter. It is cooked down just like jam using banana, pineapple and Marrichino Cherries with a package of liquid pectin. It will be used on toast and scones. We labored for about 5 hours. Then I made a pumpkin roll for our Literary tea. Finished about 10 o'clock at night....getting the last minute details together for the tea...then off to bed.
Canning has brought me joy. I am so thankful to God for these delightful foods in which He provides and makes available for us. It is wonderful knowing my family has some fresh, delicious food in the pantry to last us until next Spring...Then the canning starts again.
Happy Canning.


  1. You are so productive and I love Fresh and Easy. Haven't been to a regular market in a long time. Cute post!!

  2. I love homemade applesauce. It is like candy!

    Great job, sweet family!