Friday, November 25, 2011

The Barn Dance

After last weekend's Civil War days we went to a good old fashioned barn dance. I was so giddy that my son stepped up as a sweet big brother to dance with his sister all night. It was so fun and yes even I participated in a couple of them. Mr. Darling couldn't come along since he has been writing papers for school. Poor dear....someday he will be able to enjoy things like that with us.
They had a table set with lemonade and old fashioned cookies. We felt like we were back in the olden days. I wish towns would have these dances more periodically. It was so much fun.
And.....Leave it to my son to find an instrument to play...He got up and started playing the bass with the group for a couple songs. It was awesome to listen to it. So this is how Laura Ingalls felt in her day. Well, tomorrow is the big day for my dear Mr. Darlings 40th birthday party.....See ya later.


  1. What fun Mica!! I love old fashioned get togethers like this. Everyone always has a good time! xxoo

  2. Thanks for sharing! It reminded me of the yearly square dances my church used to have in the spring growing up. They were a lot of fun for all ages. There is not enough simple wholesome fun anymore.

  3. Oh my....are you all having some fun times....I need to get out more and find some of this kind of entertainment :) FUN ...FUN.
    Thanks so much for sharing...hope your Thanksgiving day was beautiful...I have a feeling it was that and more :)
    Blessings dear friend.