Sunday, November 27, 2011

Mr.Darlings's 40th Vintage Birthday Party...

Today was the big shindig for my dear Mr. Darling...Who celebrated his 40th birthday this last week. We had my parents come up and a bunch of our church families joined us and blessed us for his special day. We had a lot of fun. I decorated the party with a bit of a vintage theme in mind... We set the party outside in our backyard...My favorite though was the photo booth area I put together to capture the memories of the day.
We are just a bunch of goof balls...really. The above pictures are of my kids...
Mr. Darling and well, me too.

Here is my Mom and Dad..
Here are my kids with my Gramma.....Their Great Gramma....
She will be celebrating her 80th b-day next week...Wooh Hoo....
My kids are just a bunch of hams...

Here are our friends...The Young we call them...Since there are three Taylor families in our church....We call them young because they are still in the middle of having kiddos. They are fairly new to our church...We hit it off right away. They are soon expecting another member to their family....It's a girl...Yay...How sweet is that? I just adore them for their loving hearts and so very humble. They are keepers in my book that's for sure.

Here are The Smiths...What a sweet couple and very dear friends to us. I have posted my friend Marmie a few times here...I have taught her how to make and can jam and apple sauce this last season... She is always such a sweetheart to be around and whom I consider to be one of my closest friends. We were also very blessed to be able to have Thanksgiving with them this year.... I feel like we have known them for YEARS...though it has only been a couple years since we became friends. They are like a brother and sister to me. For that I am blessed.

The next family is also a Taylor family...We call them Sherriff Taylor..(long story). Another delightful family we have known for the last several years....Each one of their beautiful children were adopted...And what wonderful parents they have been given. They will also have a special place in my heart.

Introducing The Bennet's minus their daddy. This sweet family are also here on a journey through seminary. Her dear hubby had to stay behind to write his papers for mid terms. These folks are very special...Young, loving and soft spoken and that baby....oh my...He is such a happy boy...He didn't look too happy here...But that's only because we were trying to put the funny glasses on his face. I pray to always have their friendship...To share our journey in our future ministries...what a huge blessing.

Mr. Seaman...He came by all alone...His wife had to finish up on some things back at home with the kids. This guy is one of Mr. Darlings good friend from Seminary. They have grown to be quite special to us as well. They are just real down to earth genuine people...Which is really hard to find these days. He was such a good sport to take a photo without  his family by his side.

The Bekkering's... We haven't known them as long...Last year they left their home from a different state to start all over in Cali for work. They have been such a joy to get to know as a family. They are a bunch of fun lovin' people. Another family that is really down to earth...Sweet , sweet family and very fun.

The Hooks are simply wonderful...We sit right across from them in church and always give smiles to one another... We have said if one was missing on Sunday for any given reason that it just isn't the same without one another there..Just to look over and have such sweet smiling faces can really brighten the Lord's Day even more. With their tender, quiet dispositions...A smile goes a long way...It really is like a breath of fresh air...They make you always feel so loved.

And here is our Other Taylor friends. We simply just call them The Taylor's...for they were really the first ones we got to know. We have had many wonderful times with this family...They are truly near and dear to our hearts...They are one of the kindest, loving and giving people I know. Our family gets along so well with them for we have the same sort of humor and lives. Our son and their daughter are really good friends...and our daughter loves her like she was her very own sister. They will always be considered my forever friends, whom I love very much. They are such gems.
It was a wonderful night of fellowship with our friends and family...Mr. Darling enjoyed his day...That is the biggest blessing to see...He has been working so hard these last almost 4 years, always mentally challenging himself...It was just great to see him have a day that was just for him to enjoy and share with people he cares about and those who care for us. I couldn't ask for anything more. Hope you all have a spectacular Lord's day.Blessing to you all.


  1. Looks like Tony had a Wonderful Birthday Party. Happy Happy Birthday!! You did a fabulous job putting it together. Everything look festive. Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving. Hugs to all.

  2. What a wonderful birthday sure made it fun for everyone...glad your friends could all come together to help celebrate...loved the pictures...blessings

  3. I notice a lot of your friends seem to have mustaches... must be the style in your part of the country...

    looks like you all had fun. :)

  4. You are one blessed family to have so many who love you all. :) Happy day to your Mr. Darling!

  5. You are so awesome ! Looks like you really did it up girl! I love the photos. The one of your Grandma cracked me up, that and the one of you and Tony.
    Sorry I missed this party!
    You are the best Mica
    Love you