Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Last Day's Of Autumn....

                I have spent the last week with the flu...or a bad cold. (SIGH) It got so bad I lost my voice.
                  Day's later my voice is still squeaky and the cough...oh that cough will not go away. I pulled off    my dear Mr. Darlings birthday while sick, then just crashed for the remainder of the weekend. I thought I  would share the last of the pictures from last weeks field trip of our roaming around the old ranch during the Civil War anniversary.
Today we say goodbye to Autumn...Hello Winter time. We got out all our Christmas boxes and put up the tree and added another tree this year...Our friends from church gave a big pre~lit tree....What a blessing....So now we have one in each room~ Our family room and living room. It was fun getting all our things out, though it seems like we just put it away. Time sure has flown this year. We have a little more to finish up...and hang the lights outside, then we will officially be ready for Christmas Time. 

Farewell Autumn...Until next year.
have a merry day.


  1. What fun photos Mica
    Love you for posting them.
    I can see how much Bri is changing. She is not a little girl any longer :(
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh, please, please, please let us see all of your trees. :)