Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Bedroom Decorating For A New Year....

It was about 8 years ago I fell in love with my cherry wood sleigh bed...My room was warm and meant to be a bit masculine for my husbands sake. Not because I had to, but I wanted to make it his too. We had a earthy tone floral bedspread that worked well for the both of us. Over time and living in the rainy, gloomy state of Washington..The dark colors started to get to me...The room was dark. I couldn't just change it around for we spent a lot of money on that bed. So the years went by and I tried to stay content. It moved with us to California 4 years ago. I had no muster in me to even decorate my bedroom. It was too dark...too depressing, even a sweet quilt couldn't cheer the space enough. I didn't even hang pictures on the walls until this Summer. I finally told myself when the New Year rang in I would get a new bed and redecorate our space. So I saved up my money from sales on Etsy... and got a little white bed. It was just what I needed to lighten up the room and motivate color. Now to put my bed on Craigs list. I also kicked out my dark bookcase oh yeah... Freckles also decided to change her room a bit and wished to use her dresser when she was a baby...which will need refinishing after I painted it pink many moons ago. So, she gave me the white dresser in return. I am thrilled for I love that dresser. I collected some fluffy feathered pillows on thrifting escapades... added the embroideries on the wall which I have also found thrifting. And hung the sweet reminder to always kiss me goodnight...a gift from my dear Mr. Darling.
It's amazing what a bit of color and lighter furniture can do to a room. My hubby was in shock after I did it all and surprised him with it. He was pleasantly surprised and happy with the room, even though it looks a little more on the cute feminine side. I love how my quilts pop in the room and the little splashes of red that I love. I have been hanging out in my room more too...like flipping through magazines, reading and heck I am
snuggled down in my fluffy bed as I type. I really like being in here.
A few more embroideries are now on my wish list to complete the wall, perhaps another quilt, and some window treatments. I really needed this change. I am so thrilled to have bright colors and cozy feelings to wake up to and motivate my creativity and start my day off with a little smile. Sometimes change is good. Now I am ready to ring in the New Year and change more things around in my life as we will soon be focusing on our new future once Mr. Darling graduates in May.
 There will be a lot more good things to look forward to.
 Here's to a wonderful New Year.
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  1. I just love your bedroom Mica. Well done!! I need to make more of an impact on our own bedroom I think. It's very dull. xxoo

  2. I love it all ! Beautiful bedroom !I really enjoy visiting your blog . You are so gifted &talented .
    Love & Blessings.

  3. Its a wonderful room Mica....I can see why you would want to get lost in there :) Blessings
    Can't wait to see the makeover in Freckles room.

  4. That looks so cheerful! Good for you for focusing on the master bedroom, a room we spend so much time in but seem to never get around to really making it ours.

  5. Mica, this is so awesome!! You did a wonderful job redecorating. You must be in heaven! Congratulations!

  6. What a makeover! What a welcoming bedroom!


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