Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cozy Quilts....

I love quilts...This is the perfect time to dig them out, wrap yourself up in it's cozy warmth and extreme cuteness. My recent thrifting finds are these quilts ( And they were very inexpensive). One is finished completely by hand and very old as there are a few blocks that are very fragile. I am always amazed when I see a quilt that has been hand sewn....How long did it take them to do all of it...The simplistic patchwork with all the quilted detail...I love it.They are works of art. The thicker one is perfect for Winter evenings and chilly mornings.
The second beauty I found is unfinished...The top is Dresden style ( flowers and stars in multi colored patterns) sweet and purty...I knew I could finish it off as a project this Spring...The colors are happy just waiting to be quilted and snuggled in. It's a wonder though what happened...Why was it not finished? All the hours and work and stitches put into it then left unfinished for who knows how long. Thank God I know how to sew...It's gonna be a beaut when it is finished.

It just makes me appreciate them all the more.
 Do you love quilts?

 Hope you all are keeping warm out there....It is still pretty chilly..
The perfect quilt weather that is for sure. Have a toasty day.


  1. Quilts are such comforting things to have around a use or just to look at....yours are wonderful....blessings

  2. L.O.V.E. all your quilts! Just beautiful!!

  3. Reading this post has me so excited to go antiquing with my MIL this coming Sunday. :)