Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas In The Kitchen...

Freckles made her gingerbread house last night....She did it on her own this year....With a bit of a struggle with the piping of the frosting....It still turned out cute. Now the kitchen looks extra festive.

Next we'll be baking gingerbread cookies and sugar cookies like we do every year. I love Christmas traditions. I know my kids do too...They look forward to it all. There will be lot's of baking and cooking in the kitchen this Christmas.
Have you seen the special edition vintage Coca~Cola bottles? They are celebrating their 125th anniversary so, they brought back their circa 1899 "Hutchinson" bottle, the first bottle that was embossed with their Coca~Cola trademark. They are pretty cool. I will probably fill them up with flowers.
 I found them at Wally World Mart if anyone is interested.

What are you all baking this year? Do tell...
Have a Happy Day.


  1. :) I love gingerbread boys - that is my Christmas decorating theme. Your gingham one is adorable!

  2. hey Mica! all cute at your place.. just as I would expect! I did see those bottles at walmart too. they are pretty cool looking. maybe I'll pick some up. they would be cute to have at our christmas eve party.
    I'm having fun decorating and getting ready to start my baking and wrapping. I still have some shopping left to do too.
    oh the holiday joy! I need to get focused on the real reason for the season.....
    sweet dreams Mica... I'm taking my cold and heading to bed!

  3. Mica, something else we havae in common. I LOVE GINGERBREAD Men too! so sweet. Freckles did a fab job on the gingerbread house! xxoo

  4. So fun and cheery! The girls and I just did sugar cookies today! I have never attempted a gingerbread house, but it's on the list for this year! So Fun!

  5. Happy baking!:)

    I love the coke bottles.