Friday, December 9, 2011

Merry Merry MOUSE~mas....

I found a few more Christmas decorations...Which happened to be mice...Through the past couple years I have picked up Christmas mice and realized I now have a little collection of mice now...It was an accidental collection of mice....I just giggled. I don't purposefully go out searching for mice for any reason...It just happened. So now I thought I would share with you my merry mice.
My favorite though has to be the Annalee Christmas Mouse....It is a stocking with the little head and tail popping out....It is the cutest mouse I have ever seen. Do you have an accidental Christmas collection...Or do you purposefully collect something special for your Christmas home?
 Inquiring minds ( like mine) would love to know. Please keep my Gramma in prayer...She was put into the hospital a couple days ago with pneumonia...something we fear with her recent heart attack and emphysema..... Thank you dear friends, your prayers really do mean a lot....
Hope you all are having a wonderful start to a wonderful weekend.


  1. Merry Christmouse! (Sorry, could not resist!) Your mice are sweet Mica! Love the stocking most of all. xxoo

  2. Cute little stocking.even though I am not to fond of mice...those are just to cute not to like :)
    Praying for Gramma.....blessings

  3. We have what started out as an accidental snow globe collection, but over the years became more purposeful as one of our daughters loves to get a snow globe each year for Christmas.

    And, we have 3 of those candle spinning Christmas "tree" wooden things whose names I can't think of. And a number of nutcrackers -- all "accidental" really, but when you have more than 2 it's a collection I think. After 36 years of Christmas as a couple -- it's more like what DON'T we have that qualifies as a collection :-)

  4. I so long to go shopping with you. Sigh.

    I will remember your dear Gma.

  5. Sorry about your Gamma! I will be praying sweet friend!
    And your collection is precious! I have an accidental collection of vintage ornaments. I have them ALL OVER my house.
    Blessings to you as you start your week!