Friday, January 27, 2012

Nope...No Snow Here.....

Freckles got all bundled up today for our walk to the park this afternoon to enjoy a little exercise, fresh air and a picnic in the great outdoors. Though it's not snowing here...She wanted to sport her Winter wear out today. So sweet, she is. Exciting news for her this year she will be attending her very first Winter Camp next month...She's going alone...(Sigh). If you have ever met my daughter you would know that she is very shy..Which partly worries me and partly makes me thrilled for her. She is also a big time Mama's girl. I can't believe she actually wants to go. There will be a few girls from our church going as well, so hopefully she will feel comfortable. I really pray for me...I am a big ole' worry wart. I trust where she is going... Since my son has gone several times in the past few years. He's actually going again this year but, for the HS~College group. So he won't be there to look out for her. I will be driving her up and dropping her off for three days. Three whole days without my little girl. I hope I can stand it and won't be home sick for her ( I know I will ). I hope she will be happy. She seems to be really looking forward to it. And preparing just how she will be dressing when she's up there...And she's hoping and praying for Snow.

Well, one month to go and I will let you all know how it goes. On another note...We had a fun time at the park today...had a picnic basket lunch nd sat on our picnic blanket while people watching.
 Our dog Missy loves going to the park too...
So much so that she was rolling in the grass with glee (grin).
 Oh look she's making grass angels...
Since we don't get snow here, that is the next best thing.
Funny doggie girl. We spent a while at the park then walked back home.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Time for freckles to spread her wings a tiny bit. THis will be good for her and YOU! I bet she'll have a wonderful time.
    Oh.. a picnic sounds so lovely.... but it will be june before the weather is ready for me to picnic here!
    have a great weekend

  2. What a cutie pie Missy is and of course you know I love Freckles. I remember how wrenching it used to be when I sent my kids to camp. They thoroughly enjoyed themselves, but I did feel very lonely without them around. xxoo

  3. I'll be praying for you! I am SUCH A WORRY WART too, so I totally get it.

  4. Oh, you will both be so homesick for each other. I will say, though, that I loved coming home again to my mother. She always made that first week back precious.