Saturday, January 14, 2012

Old Fashioned Taffy Pull....

Our Literary Tea Group got together today for fellowship, fun, tea and Taffy pulling. We didn't get together for Christmas so decided to make it sort of a party this month. The girls exchanged tea and made taffy. Well we attempted to make taffy. It was more like Taffy Mayhem... We cooked it like the recipe said...let it cool...blah, blah, blah and tried getting into a taffy stage by pulling and rolling, but it was more like goo. We ended up refrigerating it for about 30 minutes just to get it to a consistency where we could cut it and wrap them. It seemed to be fine at that point.
No matter.. The girls still had fun making a huge sticky mess. And they still had some candy to take home even though it was smooshy. Oh well..They didn't seem to mind one bit, and that is a good thing.
They had a good time and that's all that mattered. I decided not to give out this recipe, since it was a complete flop...If anyone knows of a full proof good taffy recipe, please send it our way. My daughter is determined to find one that will work so we can try again.


  1. Do you have "The Little House Cookbook"? (my reference for all such matters). p. 190 has a recipe for "pulled candy". It says humidity can make a huge difference in how long to cook the batch to reach the right stage (did you use a candy thermometer?).

    The book quotes a section from Farmer Boy, where "They pulled and they pulled; still it was soft and sticky. Long past bedtime, they gave it up and went to bed." So your girls were in good company!

  2. Brings back memories. I had to laugh!

  3. Ive never attempted to make taffy before.. I love the pics of all the sticky fingered girls! at least they had fun and it was a pretty color! How did it taste anyways?

  4. Ha ha ha! That looks so much fun! :-)

  5. Looks like so much fun for the girls!
    Save me a piece Bri!