Thursday, February 16, 2012

Getting Outdoors....

My poor dear daughter has been putting up with everyone sick around her. I haven't had much energy to do a whole lot that doesn't drudge up this cough. I just had to pull it out of me to get out today...So she can get some excercise and fresh air. Even a bit of fresh air would be good for me too. We bundled up and went out.
So glad we did. It made my girl happy. Made me happy to see her brighten up. It rained the past couple days here so she decided to run in the wet grass barefooted as to not ruin her shoes like the last time we went to the park. They were muddy. Her feet were cold, but she enjoyed every minute of it...Even the dog enjoyed running through the wet grass and she is usually such a priss about getting anywhere near mud. We sat on our blanket together and did a little bit of people watching.For the most part we had the park all to ourselves, which was nice.
My chest hurts from the cold and the coughing, but so worth the time I had with my girl.
There are so many blessings and gifts around us...Even the little things, like going to the park. Here are some more gifts I am adding to my One Thousand Gift list.
27. Blustery days in the park
28. Sitting on a picnic blanket with my daughter
29. Watching my daughter run in the wet grass barefooted
30. Having the park all to ourselves


  1. I hope that you are feeling a lot better soon Mica. That cough is no fun. I had it for about 8 weeks! Love to see Freckles having fun, always! What a precious girl she is! xxoo

  2. Such Beautiful Pictures taken of your day out to the park. So Happy you two got out to get some "fresh air." It's hard sometimes to take that extra step out to get motivated again after being in the house... but once you do it is so Joyful to the Heart. Praying for you all still and hope you guys get completely 100% Well again. Call soon when you can. Love you guys... xoxo