Sunday, February 19, 2012

Happy Things That Make Me Smile This Weekend

It doesn't take a whole heck of a lot to make me happy. I consider myself quite simple, low maintenance and frugal. Growing up, I didn't have a whole lot of material things. In many ways we were actually pretty poor, we worked with what we had and seemed to be pretty grateful for anything we got. That is fine with me. I think it was actually a pretty good lesson to learn when I was young. From that I can truly appreciate and be contented with what we have now. I am also grateful that my Mr. Darling is the same way. He also didn't have a lot of material possessions when he was growing up. I have also found that material possessions are not all that important...I certainly don't need that $100.00 pair of name brand jeans when I can get a suitable pair at Target...And when I die, what would all that stuff matter in the end. Nothing of course. Our treasures truly lie in Heaven. For now though, I am here on earth...Sure I like to have things, but for me I am so jazzed with the littlest things. Like, this funky big red heart ring I got at Michael's for a few bucks... Oh yeah. I don't need diamonds, pearls and gold. This girl is plenty happy with a little plastic.

Or going to a neighbors garage sale and scoring this Happy Mug. ( couldn't resist ) for 25. cents.... I can even spice up an old drab outfit with a couple colorful polka dotted flowers or some fun little accessories like a simple handmade necklace from a flea market. Little things like that is all it takes.

What are some simple things that make you happy?
Here are a few simple gifts that made me smile this weekend:
31. $3.00 Big Red BLING happiness
32. Happy Face .25 cent garage sale find
33. Colorful Polka Dotted flowers to pin on my cardigans
34. My kind of jewels to wear any time
35. Simple ambiance from Mimi's Cafe
Have a Happy Day

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  1. Mica I love those spotted flowers !
    Where did you find them?
    Love you guys !
    Happy Sunday !
    God Bless you all