Saturday, March 10, 2012

Strawberries & Blooms Oh My!!!!

It's Saturday. I spent the afternoon shipping out all my orders for my new shop
 ( Frolicking Freckles Funk & Junk )
So thrilled within the first few days I have had orders...Yay. It just took me forever to get it all put together and getting out all the vintage goodies I have been hoarding over time. Feels mighty good to get it out and share it all. I also spent some time photographing and listing some more items in the shop.... Check it out.

These make me really happy. Strawberries and blooms...It is almost Spring. The Strawberry stands are setting up once again in my area which also means jam making for me. Oh yeah, don't forget tonight...set your clocks forward and go to bed an hour early so you won't lose the hour. Well, I am off for some last minute weekend tidying up and listing more things tonight. Thanks to all of your support.
 Have a Happy Weekend, what's left of it anyway.

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  1. Hey that is great that you have sales already! Congratulations Mica!
    Love ya