Saturday, April 28, 2012

Covering Him In Prayer...

I miss him when he is not with me. My dear Mr. Darling flew off to Washington this last week to attend some meetings, to exhort ( preach) and to be examined for licensure. All complicated... but is something that has to be done before his is ordained as a pastor. Today he will stand before the examiners. I am fully confident that he will do exceptionally well. This is really exciting for our family and a big piece of the puzzle that will fill everything in regards to our future and possibilities will open for where we will move and work. My mind is fully on him, I couldn't sleep. I have been praying and missing him something awful. He will be going back to our home church in Washington on Sunday to preach for our old congregation than be on a plane Monday morn, back into our arms...The big day is almost here. He graduates from Seminary. It has been a long road which we are ever so grateful and indebted
 to Christ alone for the opportunity to serve Him better.

Today I am on my knees, praying...Covering my husband in prayer. I love that man.
Please if you would kindly pray for us too.
Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Beautiful post and photos dear Mica! I know your dear husband will do exceptionally well too! I will keep y'all in my prayers! Just think of all the wonderful things the Lord has ahead for you and your family! Very exciting! Your hubby is blessed to have you pray for him and to love him so dearly! xo~Paula

  2. Your love for him is so apparent. I know you two are a wonderful team and God used both of you in His plan. I am sure wonderful things are ahead.

  3. What an exciting time for your family and what wonderful opportunities lie ahead!

  4. praying! may the lord strengthen him and give him clarity in examinations.

    happy sunday, what a sweet blog!

  5. Hi Mica,

    Tony gave a great sermon today -- it really resonated with me and brought honor and glory to God. Tony is going to be a wonderful pastor.

    Is there a way to send a private message? I can't find you on facebook anymore.

  6. My mind has been on nothing else. I am so excited and so very proud of my baby boy soon to be Pastor Tony :)