Thursday, April 26, 2012

His Graduation Pictures

Yup...It's true he graduated early from High School in December 2011, yet we have put off the grad pics. and ceremony till this Spring. It is now official...We home schooled our boy all his years through H.S., then he started attending a Jr. College this last Fall. Now he has one year of college under his belt finishing up in early May. We planned his special graduation ceremony for May 12th. I found a really fun site for home schooled graduates where you can order special diplomas and tassels etc.. We ordered both and found a wonderful deal at the thrift shop for a black grad gown and cap for....2 BUCKS...On sale. And it was in his size. So exciting. The guests are RSVPing, the food is planned out, the pictures are taken.
Now we just wait for the date. I can't believe the time has come...And he will be 18 in June.
All these changes. We are very proud of him. He is pursuing what he loves, studies hard and has kept a job through this school year. We look forward to the many blessings ahead that are awaiting him. We pray for him daily, we love him with all our hearts.
We had fun doing this little photo shoot. We are on a budget and can't afford to have professional pictures done. I would so much love to do that for him...So instead we improvised as best as we could. Thankfully my camera takes decent photos. He changed his clothes a couple times, we found some spots to take pictures in our town and he smiled his sweetest smile. And thank God for photo editing from Picmonkey
 ( I am so loving it)
 I played with the pictures for a spell and ended up with some nice shots. I am pretty proud of them. He loves them too. Just one more tiny session in his cap and gown, ceremony and party pics.
And we will have some wonderful picture moment memories. I am so grateful to God that we can do all this on a budget and still make it a special memory for our son. Wish we could buy him a car.
 Oh well. (sigh)
Just a couple more weeks and I'll get to share the rest of this story.
 Thanks for following along with us. Have a blessed day...The weekend is almost here.


  1. first of all.. what a handsome guy he is... Second of all.. who needs a professional photographer when you can take probably even better ones yourself. Your pictures are great. and yes, Im loving picmonkey too!
    congrats to your son... and to you and mr darling. You guys have done a great job with your kids. I'll be looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics!
    youre a good momma Mica!!

  2. WOW! You have SO many reasons to be proud! And who needs 'professional' pictures when you take such amazing ones? They are all SO GOOD!
    And my 2 cents on the car thing- it will mean more to him when he works and saves and is able to buy one himself. I didn't have a car until the year I graduated college- it took me 5 years to save up for my old Toyota truck, but I loved that I was able to buy it myself. :)
    Have a delightful day my dear!!

  3. Those pictures are great -- and so much more meaningful than standard graduation pictures in my opinion! My 18 yr old is also graduating this May from being home schooled "all the way" -- guess I better get to planning something! I guess I better research announcements, etc. I know we are waiting until June to do a graduation open house since all our homeschool friends (and us) travel in May. Thanks for the reminder.

  4. I did my daughter's too. She is having a graduation party on Sat. We always (because we homeschool) have a big party and my husband and I say something and then we all eat and visit. The shots were great. I let my kids make it their own and my daughter chose a cherry blossom theme so we are having Panda Express for food and decorating with paper lanterns all in pink and white. Oh the reason I am contacting you too is I chose you for the Little Northwest Cookbook. When I send an e-mail to you from your profile it came back. Send me your address girlie!!

  5. Handsome isn't he?
    I am very proud of Vinnie and what he has accomplished through the years. He is an amazing person!
    Love you Vince!

  6. Hello sweet Mica! Your son is so handsome and I can see what a beautiful and sweet heart he has too! I know you must be so proud of your beautiful children! You are a very good mom! You are also a gifted photographer. I think your photos are far better than what you would have had if you paid a lot of money to have someone else take them. The places you chose and the clothing he wore made it even more special! I am very happy for your son and wish him all the best and many blessings from the Lord! My son is 16 and I have always home schooled him too. What a blessing it is! Love, Paula