Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Bunting...

I finished up a couple orders for my happy bunting pillows. I just had to express my utter thankfulness to having the opportunity to make something happy for someone else. The extra orders have helped out tremendously. Just when we are starting to worry about where that next months rent will come from or how the heck we will pay a bill or buy toilet paper. We are blessed with an order to cover one of those needs. God is good and He surely provides through so many wonderful ways. So, as I was cheerfully sewing these pillows together, I stopped to thank God for His provisions no matter how great or small.
 Even the small helps.
If there is anyone out there who would be interested in some fun pillows as these, drop me a line. I would be thrilled to make something lovely for your home from mine. $20 will cover the time, materials and shipping.
Have a Happy Week,


  1. What a fun "Happy" pillow! I will think on a order....maybe a cute sock monkey. I have weeded through so much in my home...I reckon I could use a little fun something to remind me to smile more :) And it would be so nice having something else made by your creative hands....you do have a gift,you know! The little star shaped pillow I received through your give away...years ago...has graced my home wonderfully....I will get back to you about that order...let me think on it for a bit :)

  2. Hello sweet Mica! I love your bunting pillows! They are so beautiful and cheerful! I love bunting! You are very talented and creative! Isn't it wonderful how the Lord always provides for our needs! Thank you for sharing that, as I needed the reminder! Much love, Paula xo