Saturday, April 14, 2012


Good day to all. It's a beautiful day today. The weather is crisp and breezy after the storm that came through yesterday. Still looks like we may get some more rain tonight.The morning started out nice...Mr.Darling and Freckles let me sleep in ( my son is working ).We had birthday waffles...which has become a tradition in our home.Yum. Then I spent some time outside in the fresh air soaking up all the beauty God has blessed us with.
 The beauty in my backyard.

The apricot tree is producing fruit. Yay. This will be the last time we glean from this tree...I have enjoyed making jam and canning the fruit the last couple Summers. I decided not to can or make jam this Spring/Summer..Since we are still unsure where we will be moving, I don't want to have to worry about all the jars making the move. Not to fret...This fruit will surely be enjoyed and given away.

Ahhh...the Wisteria. How I wish these lovely blooms would last longer than just a few weeks.
They are almost all gone already. Sweet Wisteria, oh how I will miss seeing you out my door.

The roses are coming in beautifully, blooming all along the flower beds.Yellow, red, pink and white. They are gorgeous. Have you ever just looked at a rose really close, examining it's every petal, folding within each other so perfectly? It is truly an amazing piece of art from the Makers hands.I am in awe of this beauty

My little tangerine tree. We have shared this fruit with friends on many occasions.
I love when it blooms little white flowers...It is such a darling little tree.

What a sweet day, just kicking back relaxing with my family in our little nest.
( the nest above belonged to a Robin wen we lived in Washington.~
It had fallen from the tree after the babies flew off of course.We had no way of putting it back so I kept it )
 I display it in the Springtime, what a wonderful reminder of all things new and beautiful. Thank you kindly for the sweet birthday wishes in my comments and a few special e-mails from some dear friends. They sure did lift my spirits and made my day even brighter. You guy's are the best.
Wishing you all a delightful Spring weekend... with your loved ones.


  1. Such a beautiful post Mica. Glad your day was lovely...blessings to you all on this Lord's day.

  2. Happy Belated Birthday to you..glad is was great!

  3. Happy Belated birthday to you..glad it was good....40 is not bad...

  4. Happy Belated Birtday to you....40 was a great age!!

  5. Dear Mica, The waffles look yummy and your garden is gorgeous! I love the tangerine tree and all of your pretty roses! They are an amazing, beautiful gift from our loving Father! He has blessed us with his incredible creation to enjoy! Love the nest and eggs! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo~Paula

  6. Happy Belated Birthday Mica! I'm glad your day was filled with such pleasures and blessings.

  7. OH Happy Belated Birthday Mica! I'm glad is was a great one!

    Sandy xox