Monday, April 9, 2012

She Is My #1 Fan

This little girl of mine is my number one fan. And I am hers.
 Ever since she was a little babe, she would follow me around like a little shadow. As she grew, she continues to stay by my side. I know you may have heard from some parents that a child shouldn't be their friend. I would beg to differ. I do agree a parent needs to be a parent first and foremost to their child. But, that doesn't mean you can't connect with them and have the same sort of interests and laugh together. Our children have always known that we are their parents...but they also know they can come to us and talk, feeling free to be themselves, to have fun with us, laughing or goofing around and hugs are always FREE. Our home is not a cold sterile place where children are to be seen and not heard. My girl and I have fun together, she enjoys shopping and going to thrift stores with me, she loves to craft right along side me. I love that. One day not so long agao, she told me I was her best friend. I was touched. I told her she was mine too, but not to forget I am her mama.
 She laughed and said" I know mom". These were just some thoughts I have had recently and thought I would share them. These past few weeks as I have been creating my newest stuffies, she always sighs a big sigh " awww that is so cute, is it for me?" I tell her, no it's for the shop.

It bums her out. I think it is so sweet that she even likes my stuffies so much. I would just naturarally make them all for her. Yet, I am making them to make ends meet here at home. I was relieved to finish some projects and sell them as well as getting some special orders. Just got another one this morning for two bunting pillows. Yay...The last sock monkey I made several days ago was a hit with Freckles...She wanted to keep her so bad, I even thought about not selling it, but it ended up selling in a day...So I snuck into her room Saturday night and pulled out a sock monkey doll I made her several years ago ( that needed some lovin')...I pulled off everything and refurbished the thing, adding some colorful elements, new eyes and lashes a new hat, Mary Jane felt shoes and pom poms..It took me two hours to fix her up and give her a new lease on life. I placed her on Freckles nightstand with a Happy Easter note for her to find in the morning.

Here is the finished Sock Monkey and a very Happy Freckles.
 She was thrilled. And so was I. 


  1. Such a sweet post...My girls are my friends too...always have been..always will be! The monkey is darling and such a sweet thing to do as a gift. Blessings to both of you girls :)

  2. You are the best mother! what a wonderful way to surprise her. and what an awesome little sock monkey. makes me want to make one! I love the first pic of freckles with the monkey.. she is beautiful. what is her real name by the way?
    I am very close to my daughters too. but not to my mother. which is part of the reason I cherish my relationship with my children so much!
    have a great week Mica!
    if I get around to making a new sock monkey I'll post it so you can see.