Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Using Recyled Materials In Crafting...

Hey there... Just me, popping in to share a little of what I have been up to lately. In my recent plushie projects I have been using vintage, recycled elements with a bit of new. When I see everyday things that have been discarded, I see new potential for those items. Like bottle cap tops for instance. We have a local Soda Pop Shoppe in town where my kids and I go to have a little treat. The place is filled with all kinds of soda pop's and drinks...Many of them remind me of yesteryear...They have a sweet vintage nostalgia to them...Cool thing is many of the bottle caps are really neat. Every time I go in, I ask the lady if I can take a handful of these little gems...I usually pick 10 ~20...and their free.
Perfect for using in my plushies and artwork.
I also collect old discarded wool sweaters or wool blankets for my projects. Some I find at garage sales or thrifting. They are cheap too. Perfect for creating plushies or pillows. The rest is just a bit of imagination. Wool is perfect for many critters and the bottle caps are used as eyes or buttons. Why throw them away when you can recycle and upcycle? I just finished up a cherry plush doll and finishing up an owl... I am using Starbucks Coffee caps for the eyes...What a hoot.
It's fun to create from these treasures.
Giving something old and unwanted new purpose...
Making it art for someone else to enjoy. I love that feeling.
Hope this will give you some inspiration.
Have a creative day.


  1. You are so stinkin' creative!!! Love that adorable owl!!

  2. Very inspiring sweet Mica! I love your beautiful photos and your fabulous creations! You are so creative and talented! Yay for repurposing! Thank you for sharing! Love, Paula xo