Friday, May 11, 2012

Lighten Up... these pictures came out really bad in the lighting of my house. No clue why...but hopefully you get the jest. I have been lightning up our family room area a bit. For the love of red, I have...I had way too much going on with the couches and curtains...It ended up way too red and dark in here. So I put up some new sheer polka dotted curtain, adding a bit more white and other colors to the mix.
I also got rid of all my couch cushions which the couch originally came with. They just turned out to be flat pancake pillows. They were hopeless instead, I have been thrifting fluffy feather pillows to put in their place. I sewed up some new zippered covers using vintage table cloths. I love them so much better. They will never get flat...Just a little fluff and off we go. I love that I can easily take the covers off and wash when needed. So far the room is much brighter. I love it bright.
I also spruced up the fire mantle. I got the kids pictures printed up and framed.
I love seeing their faces all over the house. And I am LOVING my globes.

Okay well, I am off. I have to finish sprucing up around here for tomorrow is the big day for my son We are having his home school graduation ceremony and party. Will definitely be back this weekend to share.
 Hope you all have a great weekend ahead.


  1. Love the changes to your room. Congratulations to your son and to you,his wonderful mother and teacher....blessings

  2. Your home is so bright, beautiful and cheerful dear Mica! Thank you so much for sharing! We are slowly re-doing our family room and it is going to be bright and cheerful! I have red fabric with large white polka dots to make curtains and my hubby is painting the walls white and we will keep going from there! I love your cushions and the photos of your beautiful children! The globes, chairs and afghan are all fabulous too! Everything is lovely and welcoming! I am so happy for your son and hope he has a wonderful homeschool graduation party! Love and blessings, Paula xoxo