Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Haiti Concert Fundraiser...

My son had a wonderful opportunity last Summer on a 3 week missions trip to The Czech Republic...It was such a wonderful opportunity for him to serve. Before the trip our church held a concert fundraiser, which was a huge success. This year they did the concert fundraiser again, this time for Haiti. My son will not be going on the trip this time since there is so much going on right now and possibly making a move this Summer, but he did participate in the concert. First let me share who these beautiful photographs were taken by. My son has a really close friend back home in Washington who was blessed to take a missions trip to Haiti a few months ago. Todd Kaumans is a very talented 19 year old film maker and photographer. He has used my sons music in a couple of his film projects as well as acting in a couple films he did. My son has also made some graphics for his entrepreneur business as well as designing his business card. They really have made a great team. Todd will be going back to Haiti in the Fall. I just had to share these shots from his trip. They are so captivating.
The concert was delightful through and through. Our church really has some talented people in it. Of course I am a proud Mama who adores her sons music. I am his number one fan. I pray he will go far in his composing his own music. After these sets of pictures make sure you click the video links I left below.

The first one is a lovely slide show of pictures taken by Todd as the music in the video was composed and played by my son. It is absolutely breathtaking.
P.S Please press pause on my music playlist on the sidebar to hear the music in the videos.
The next song was composed and played by my son....
He calls it Valzer Italiano which is sort of like a waltz.
The last one above was also composed by my son and played as
a funky duet with our very talented friend Matt.
 If you check out my YouTube channel after the videos
 you can also watch a couple more videos I took from a couple other talented peeps.
What a wonderful fundraiser for Haiti. Enjoy,


  1. mica, I watched all three videos. you should definitely be a proud momma. Your son is very talented!
    And very handsome... and he has very good posture! lol!
    Hes just about all grow'd up now isnt he!? You did good raising him.
    have a great weekend.

  2. Awesome Mica
    Thanks for sharing !

    Vinnie is so good looking and star material !