Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Once Upon A Time....

The season is over. Awww. Our family enjoyed watching Once Upon A Time. One of mine & Freckles favorites about the show was Mary Margaret's apartment. Oh so cute and oh so vintage. Even her cute outfits had us swooning for more. So let us look into Mary Margaret's fun little pad shall we?
We love the open floor plan and the brick walls. The chippy doors and cupboards. Oh my so sweet. Check out all the little details...The sweet vintage goodness on & in every little nook and cranny. I love the mixed matched chairs and the huge globe...see the globe?
The darling table...and the pretty little embroidered table runner. The book shelf there with all the sweet goodness on it. My favorite part is the little school desk with the phone on top.
The kitschy kitchen...Adorbs. I love it all. Down to the crochet hot pads and that cute little tea pot with the owl on top. The wire baskets that serve as shelving, the dishes and Pyrex. The details are great. This is my favorite t.v show set ever.
Love the "M"
She has an old ironing board and iron. How fun is that?
Ooh and look at the book shelf with all the fun stuff on it. Lovin' the old radio.
Her iron bed is delightful with the feather pillows and chenille bedspread.
 Notice the sweet "M" mug on the side table. 
I love those chippy beams...Hmmmmm. And she is a girl after my own heart. The old sewing machine at a little table with the old chair. Oh so lovely indeed. And the little red sock darner...What perfect detail.
And she sews.
I hope you had fun here today. 
I hope the second season will be just as good and hoping
 to see more of this set next year.


  1. I is a lovely set....Haven't seen the program so thanks for sharing. My daughter gave me a very old iron bed recently...I must take pictures and share it with you all.....blessings

  2. Now how did I miss that show? I'll have to be on the look out for it -- just to see the set! Cute, indeed. I'm still in love with the Waltons' house, inside and out.

  3. Hello sweet Mica! Yay!!! I cannot say thank you enough for sharing this! We love Once Upon A Time and can hardly wait for the second season! I LOVE Mary Margaret's home and how she dresses! I was always oohing over her home and all of the vintage goodness! My son said, mom, it is just a set! :) He really liked it too though, as we all love vintage! I enjoyed seeing all of these shots. I love her sewing area, kitchen table and bed. Oh, I really love it all! We had to keep backing the show up so I could see more of the details, and to hear what they said, because I could not refrain from saying, did you see that? Hee hee! Have a lovely day! xo~Paula

  4. This is Donovan's and My most favorite show and we would sit and watch it together, even if he was with his daddy, I waited! Love this!!! Love this time with my little man!

    Love you!!