Sunday, May 20, 2012

Solar Eclipse

We captured the solar eclipse through the trees...See the little crescent shapes? That was the sun shining through the trees during the eclipse. It was quite pretty too. Did anyone else get a glimpse of it?
Here's to a great week ahead. My dear Mr. Darling graduates this coming Saturday...we are almost done. Still awaiting word of where we will be going whether it be permanent or temporary. Be back soon.


  1. We couldn't see any from as far east and south as we are (there was supposed to be a tiny partial visible in Memphis, but none where we are vacationing. I remember the last total eclipse that was visible in Memphis -- around 1989 or 90 I think. Our 2 oldest were 4 and 2 and had chicken pox (but were not very sick). We took a walk -- I had forgotten about the eclipse. I looked down at the sidewalk and saw a zillion eclipsed circles of light from the sun shining through bug eaten holes in the leaves of the trees -- like your picture.

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  3. Will be praying for you Mica! What an exciting and anxious chapter in life! congratulations to your hubbie!