Saturday, June 2, 2012

You Will Forever Be My Baby...

The doctors tried pushing for a c-section to be scheduled May 28th.... We decided to wait a bit longer.Thankfully we didn't have to wait much longer...5 days later...June 2nd.... my water broke. I went into labor and in just 6 hours and 30 minutes of pushing AND with no pain meds. I gave birth to my very first child. A sweet boy...I was going to say little boy. But he was bigger than we anticipated. At 9 pounds 11 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long, it was like we were holding a three month old baby. He became the center and joy of our lives. I promised myself I wouldn't blink.
 And before we knew it, our boy became a man. Today he turns 18. We have enjoyed watching him grow up into the wonderful person the Lord has made him to be...Sometimes I secretly wish I could just turn back time for a bit, to hold him in my arms, listening to his little coos, holding his tiny fingers. I miss dressing him up in those little boy outfits and watching him take his first steps. These things will forever be in my memories...Memories I will forever hold dearly and close to my heart. Today we will enjoy watching him, enjoying his day, celebrating his birthday.
 Happy Birthday to you my sweet son.
Forever I will love you, We are blessed that God chose you to be our boy.
 And though you may be a man today, you will forever be my baby.


  1. AWE!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU VINCE!! Praying our nephew has the Best Birthday EVER On "HIS BIG 18TH"... He is a very special young man who grew up so fast and so worth being proud of Mica!! Beautiful picture of YOU and him. Love that picture!! Wish we could be closer to hug him and Celebrate with y'all!! - Just know we think of you, pray for you and love you all very much!!

    What an amazing Summer 2012... Lots of Celebrations and Milestones for your family!! I enjoyed our visit the other day. It always blesses me when we do. Can't wait to hear all about what God will do next for you guys!!

    His Faithfulness & LOVE Never Fails...

    Love you! xoxo

    PS. (my code to type in to post this comment had the number "18" in it... what a coincidence) LOL...

  2. Happy Birthday to your young man. They do grow up fast youngest will be 20 on the 4th. I have to look so much like freckles in that picture...or should I say she looks so much like you :)

  3. 18!!! I know to him it is such a moment...for you, the mama, it is so bittersweet. He was so furry as a baby, just like my Remy was. :)

    Have a wonderful year...traveling to 19.