Thursday, May 31, 2012

Hello Summer...

Flowers for me....
My dear Mr. Darling came home with a bouquet of flowers to show
 his love and appreciation for all the work I have done lately. How sweet is that?.
 I love getting surprise flowers...As I am here enjoying my beautiful flowers we are also ringing in Summer. We are getting ready for our first vacay in a very long time with some of our dearest friends. Yahoo.
Counting down 7 days....
Happy Summer.


  1. oh sweet flowers, and summer vacations, and the sweet ending of mr, darlings school with the promise of a new and bright beginnings! You are blessed!!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful and very much deserved,I'm sure :) How sweet of Mr. Darling to gift you with them...Congrats on his graduation...Enjoy your vacation and may God bless your future with whatever he has planned for your family next.