Monday, July 16, 2012

Kitschy Napkin Ring Tutorial....

*4 wooden rings Check Etsy Here
*Acrylic paint...Your choice of colors.
 I used four different colors in red, white,
robins egg blue and yellow.
*Sand Paper
*Paint brush
*Embroidery floss
*Embroidery needle
* Scraps of two fabrics in your choice.
I used four different fabric patterns since my
napkin rings were all different/mixed matched.
* I used an Ibuprofen bottle and an acrylic paint bottle for
 the circles needed to make the tiny cushions.
*Hot glue/Hot glue gun
*Sewing machine
First I chose my paint colors and painted four wooden rings. After they dried, I sanded it lightly all around each ring to give it an aged look. You don't have to do this...It is up to you. After I painted the rings. I set them aside. Next choose your fabrics. I did a mixed matched look, so I chose four different fabric scraps. If you want them all to match...You will need two different fabric scraps...
Next I took an Ibuprofen bottle and an acrylic paint bottle and used those as my circle templates. Cut each  fabric scrap about 2 1/2 inches X 4 inches. Fold each fabric scrap in half with print facing in. See pictures.
Take Ibuprofen bottle place on one scrap of fabric and trace around bottom of bottle with a pen to the fabric as pictured. Do this to four scraps. Now take the other four fabric pieces and use the acrylic bottle in the same manner, by tracing in pen around the bottom of the bottle onto the fabric. Now you should have four larger circles and four smaller circles.See pictures.
Next take each traced piece of fabric and sew right on the line around the whole circle leaving no opening. make sure you back stitch to knot each circle. After all the circles are sewn...Cut around the outer edge of your traced,sewn circle. Please see picture above. Do not cut to close to the sewn edge..
Now take each circle and grab each side with your fingers so that you can cut a small opening into one side of the circle. This will allow you to turn your fabric right side out. Be careful not to cut through both sides...And leave just a small opening enough to turn and fill with cotton. I used a small paint brush end to help me turn each circle right side out. See pictures above to see how it should look.
After each circle is turned...Your ready to stuff them with cotton. Again, I used my paint brush end to help stuff cotton in. I stuffed until they were all fairly plump. Refer to picture above. Do the same for all circles. Now you should have eight plumply circular puffs. Don't worry about sewing these closed.
Next you will need to measure out about 18 inches of floss in your choice of color, thread one end of floss through needle leaving a couple inches hanging from needle eye...Tie the other end of the floss in a knot. Now take the smaller circles, take your threaded needle in hand holding the thread with finger as you start to sew. Push needle up into the opening of the circle watching the other end of your circle making sure the needle goes right through the middle pulling through till the knotted end stops you. Now take the needle and go over the circle edge bringing the needle under, back up through the opening and up through the middle just as your first stitch, pulling all the way through semi tightly, repeat this step until you go around the circle about five times then tie a knot from the opening side so the floss won't go through. See picture. It should look like a tiny pin cushion. Now thread another 18 inch piece of floss and take the larger circle puff and do the same thing as you did to the small circle puff. Once you are on your last stitch, you will attach the smaller circle puff to the large circle puff and attach them together. Come up through the large circle and poke through the small puff opening through the center. Cut the floss leaving a 1/2 inch of thread and tie in a knot snugly, then trim to desired length. Now the small puff is attached to the big puff as pictured above.
Lastly you will take each puff stack and squeeze a little bit of hot glue onto the bottom opening of the large bottom circle puff, then stick it right to the top of one of your wooden rings, holding in place, until set. Do the same for the remaining puffs and rings. They are now ready for your napkins. You can even embellish the tops with a little button or seed beads. I left mine pretty plain, but still cute. If you have any problems with understanding my tutorial directions please leave me a comment so I can contact you and help you out. I just hope it was clear enough to understand with the pictures as well. Have fun sewing these. I would also LOVE to see yours.
Look how sweet it looks on a table setting.
Have a Happy Week.


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    happy monday! xo

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    Sandy xo

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