Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunny Simple Sunday Bargain...

Happy Sunday Y'all. Today I am linking up with my bloggy pal
 Elaine from Sunny Simple Life on her Sunny Simple Sunday Series.
 So glad you could pop by to visit me. I wanted to share with you a fun Thrifty Vintage Bargain I got last month. This sweet child's desk.... I had to bring it home. I knew just what I would use it for. I have been looking for a new side table since I had given our son our other one for his room.
 It was a perfect fit. So cute, so me. What a great find.
Perfect for putting all my magazines and books I am reading inside the cubby. I set my lamp right on top with some things that simply make me smile. The cute print here is a sweet reminder to start the morning with God...I found mine here at In His Grace. The cute little polka dtted colorful tray was from Walmart $1 bins...really...I know. The Big polka dot clothespin holding my kids picture was from the Michaels $1 bin. Too cute.
My sweet funky reader glasses are from The Dollar Tree.
 I couldn't pass those up. And my new issue of Vintage Style. It's a good one.
Sometimes I just can't pass up a good bargain.
 Hope you enjoyed your visit.
Perhaps got a little inspiration.
Leave me a comment and I will come visit you.
 Happy Sunny Sunday to you.


  1. Thank you sweetie for the wonderful link up. I love children's furniture. I have a few pieces in our home. Sweet and the perfect size for you space too. That's what I love about it. I want a little old child's ironing board for display.

  2. I've seen those children's desk before. I would have not thought to use it as a side table. I like it with all your vintage stuff!

    thanks for stopping by Corn!

    via SSS link up!

  3. What a great use for the desk. I love all your bright colors - that relects a happy soul, I think! Ann

  4. Cute and I love the way you used such bargain accessories. I haven't heard of that magazine. I'll look for it!!!

  5. What a fun place to visit... just popped over from Sandra's (Ravenhill).

    Can feel the creativity here!!

    Wishing you glimpses of heaven in unexpected places........

  6. Thanks for stopping by Ravenhill Cottage. I'm so happy to find your blog and have enjoyed my visit.

    Love sock monkeys and am in the middle of making my first one so I was happy to find them here at your blog. :o) I also enjoyed the pictures of your home. You have so many great vintage items and such a cozy home.

  7. Your blog is so cheery and pretty! Sounds like a great Sunday. Love your reading glasses ~ too cute!
    I work at Michael's.. my favorite place ever. : )
    Thanks for the follow ~ Now I have another great blog to read.
    Happy Monday.

  8. Cute, cute! Fits right and and so for magazines! Love your dotted dish and the cheery feel it gives off. Have a great week,