Saturday, July 7, 2012

Summer Blessings....

We are having a laid back sort of Summer. We are really blessed we had a great getaway to Lake Tahoe with friends...Yet, so nice just to kick back and do a whole lotta nothin'. Simple Summers are good, I think. Oh look, I peeked into the nest that is in our plum tree to see if the babies hatched....Here they are. Mama was not too happy I was there...I made it quick, taking a few snap shots careful not to touch or disturb the hungry, sleeping chicks. I really do enjoy hearing the mama singing in the tree along with all the other feathered birds that gather around our yard. So sweet, so peaceful.
I also enjoy the beauty that is before me. God is so artistic....The clouds, the flowers, the birds and scenery are just so lovely to my eyes. I enjoy the sounds that surround me ...Like I said, the sweet bird songs, the guitar playing and singing from my daughter, the piano playing from my son...The crazy chirps of crickets and katydid's outside my window, the giggles from my family enjoying the moment. All these things bring me closer to the Lord. I ponder and praise Him and His wonderful creation,
 which He has left to us to enjoy. I give Him all the glory.
This weekend will be a restful one, since my dear Mr. Darling is getting over pneumonia. Slowly he is getting better, but just not 100% yet. My son will be going to a big swim party then heading off for a week long hike in the Sierra's. Freckles and I will be doing a bit of crafting...You know fun stuff like that.

Freckles is having me put together a hair tutorial for y'all...Isn't this a pretty do?
 I will put it up next week. It's simply sweet.

Oh and look what Freckles got....She has been wishing for a vintage typewriter for some time now. I have been searching high and low for an affordable one, but just could not afford some that were listed on Etsy and Ebay, with their high price tag and outrageous shipping cost. I thought it wouldn't happen in time for her birthday. So, I was out "Window Shopping" at a local Antique Shop...There she was...a sweet little vintage yellow typewriter...and at an affordable price. In perfect condition, it just needs a new ribbon which I ordered. I put the typewriter on hold, since I couldn't just make a purchase without consulting my better half about it. Sadly he thought, right now would not be a good time to buy such a thing...Later that night as I was talking to my MIL...I mentioned how I was trying to find a way to make some quick cash before it was taken off hold and sold...And surly it would sell fast...Right away she asked how much it was...I told her...She said she would wire the money and surprise Freckles with it and it would be an early birthday ( which is exactly one month away) gift from Gramma. Freckles was so excited to get it. We went to pick it up Friday morning. Now she has just what she wished for. Thank you Gramma, you really made her day.
Well, here's to a wonderful weekend. Have a good one.

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  1. I love your new blog banner! You've probably had it that way for a long time, I just always read your posts in Google Reader. Thought I'd pop by today to say, "Hey!" :-D