Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Birthday Girl...

Every birthday my kids get to choose their birthday breakfast. Freckles chose Birthday Belgian Waffles this morning. I presented her with a birthday crown which I made especially for her. We filled her waffle with 12 candles and whipped cream on top, sang " Happy Birthday " to her. The day will be filled with whatever she wants to do. A movie and dinner at Red Robin...Another tradition we have made for birthdays.
Happy Birthday sweet girl.
Have a Happy Day.


  1. That is some waffle cake. Happy Birthday to her!!27 etsAuct

  2. Uncle David and Aunt Lisa send a happy birthday greeting to you !

  3. A very happy birthday to Miss Abrianna!!

  4. Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter...she has the same birthday as my mother did!! Look forward to spending time on this blog...
    Have a blessed day~

  5. Happy B Day Freckles! I read about you all the time and think how happy your mom must be to have so much fun with you. I just started homeschooling my daughter, who is nine. I hope when she's 12, we will still be super close, like you and your mom. Have a great day, sweet girl!