Thursday, September 27, 2012

Confessions Of A Teaholic..

I confess I love tea. Especially when it is in a cute mug. I have a thing for tea cup/mugs. What a delight to wake up ready for a wonderfully hot cup of tea and enjoying the moment with something delightful to drink it in. I know, perhaps I am a bit strange...
But, it really does brighten up the day.

Whenever I go into a Thriftshop I always take a look through the mug section, for you will never know what might be there to catch your fancy. This sweet mug did just that. I couldn't resist this little fellow...Not to mention the red with polka dots & the sticker price of $1.00. I was singing that tune
 (" How much is that doggie in the window")
 What a cheery little guy...
I snatched him up in a Manhatton Minute.
And look... there isn't just one sweet pooch...
There's two. A darling little fellow inside.
How could you not love this little face with that grin.
Makes me smile.


  1. Very cute...I brought home a new mug recently too...just a plain ole vintage brown one,but it too caught my fancy :) Blessings

  2. love the mug! I like my tea in special cups too! I have to find a good halloween one!

  3. Oh I SO get it! I love drinking my coffee in cute mugs- it makes it taste better! :)