Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I have been blogging now for almost six years. It first started out a sort of home school journey and updates for my family afar, then it grew in time. It has changed and grew as my children have. I too have grown, I have been blessed by other bloggers alike, I have been inspired my so many talented ladies out there. I am gratful to those who read my blog and those who have stuck with me through these years....I am also thankful for the newcomers who follow my little cyber spot here. As time has gone on I have learned to take better pictures and hopefully have been an inspiration to others with my faith, my personal life, my love for family and friends...Not to forget the love of art and homemaking/decorating. I am not writing this to say I have decided to quit this blog. (sigh of relief) I love to share. Actually it is something sort of small...No big deal really but, I decided to change my blogs name. Did you notice my new banner?

I think as I have grown along with this blog, I have watched my children grow before my eyes. I am now only home schooling my daughter whom I call Freckles. To me the Child's Paper just hasn't fit anymore, I have sort of grown out of it...though it is what I am known for through the cyber world. My address will stay the same for now since I own the domain.So I hope it doesn't confuse too many. I hope you all like the new name I have chosen....It reflects the new season in my life as well as my
 journey with home schooling my girl, our life will soon change with a new career for my husband
 (A Pastor), which he has worked so hard for many years to get us there. More on that later. Many changes have happened with my son whom we graduated from High School this last year, he is almost all grown up, ready to make his own way soon...Change is good. I can't wait to share the future happenings with you all.
So, I hope you will all stick with me...
That wasn't so bad, was it?
Have a great day...


  1. I love your blog! The photos you post are amazing,love the new name & I'm sticking with ya(: We always need some kinda change to lift our spirits and suit the phase of life we are in! Have fun in your new journey! Blessings!

  2. love the new name Mica! ahh changes.. thank goodness that God is control... as sometimes change is scary, the unknown.
    Your husbands career path will surely be a huge blessing for you and your family. I cant wait to see where it takes you ;)
    And I've loved watching your children grow up. they are beautiful people!
    have a great day

  3. Wow.. I was afraid you were about to quit on me :) I would have had a pity party indeed,had that been the case :) I did notice that you had changed the name...Its a cute name...I like it! I plan on sticking with you through all your changes my sweet friend....I too have had so many changes since I first started my blog,which was about the same time as you...I am in a different season of my life as well...no kiddos at home,no husband...just me,and grand kids popping in and out :) I haven't always dealt well with changes,but I have learn to find contentment in whatever my situation in life over the last few years. I'm looking forward to many more visits here with you dear Mica...blessings

  4. Love your new name, and especially love that you are sticking around! You have really been an inspiration to me -- and being a homeschooling family, with one who just started college and now just my youngest (at 15 a bit older than yours) at home, I have always felt a connection with you.

    My husband isn't changing jobs and we don't have a move plan (but, I'd sure like a move to the gulf coast some day in the future) -- but I feel like I'm on the cusp of new things myself -- trying to figure out what I'll be when I "grow up" in this wonderful "Star Trek" (i.e. global communication and connection) world of ours.

  5. Love your new blog name!! So perfectly sweet!! Thanks for having such a lovely and sweet blog!! xo Heather

  6. Love it. Life is all about change and going with the changes is a positive thing.

  7. LOVE all your fun new changes- very sweet! And I got your message the other day about your new fun project. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be a part of it . . . but not next week. :) Can I do it in a few weeks? There's just no way I could get my act together that quickly. But PLEASE keep me in mind for further down the road! Have a wonderful weekend friend!

  8. I love the name change and your new banner Mica! Sometimes change is good :) Have a great weekend.