Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never To Forget....

(Picture Source Pinterest)
This morning we woke up and watched the Twin Towers in New York collapse. Tears ran down our cheeks as we remember this tragic day 11 years ago. I will remember that day always. I was living in Washington at the time as it was our first week of homeschooling our son. He was in 2nd grade, my daughter was just a baby. My husband went to work that morning in downtown Seattle. He called me just a bit after 9:00 when the first building was struck by a plane. I turned on the television. We would not be doing school that day. I watched in tears...as the second building was struck and both buildings collapsed before our eyes. I could only think of those thousands of people who were in that building...their families...their city in shock and distraught. I remember being in a panic as there were thoughts of other big cities that might be targeted. My husband worked in a telecommunications building and could not leave. I just wanted him home with us. The images played back over and over in our minds for days and weeks, even years. watching it again today brought back all those feelings of sadness and despair for those people. My heart aches. We are home today, quiet and still, praying for the families that are left without their loved ones.
 This day will forever be imprinted on our hearts...Never to forget.


  1. Such a great tribute. We will never forget where we were and what we were doing that day and our hearts will always be with those who lost thier lives. Such a sad day in history.

  2. i love how you aged your photo. i have many photos views of the twin towers from central park ... from back in the 90's ... would love love to go again today & celebrate their memories. great tribute. (:

  3. I remember it too. Kayla was due to be born any day and I was so worried!

    Sandy xox