Thursday, September 20, 2012

Skelly Nelly

I took the whole Summer off from making anything for my shop on Etsy. It was actually quite nice to just hang out, relax, not a worry about anything. And yet, I also missed creating. Creating new things makes me happy,,, It makes me happy when others are happy with my work too. Well, here ya go. I finally finished something. Since Halloween is just right around the corner...I thought heck, I'd better make something. I have a few more Halloween dolls in my head too... Introducing Skelly Nelly. Isn't she cute?

You can find her over in my
 Shop Here.
I am also willing to take a few orders for her.
 I can do more traditional Halloween colors if prefered.
Hope y'all like her.
Come back tomorrow
 ( Friday September 21)
  For The Thankful Tree Giveaway which I mentioned in my last post....
Have a Great Day.


  1. this is awesome! very cool. and good for you for taking the summer off!!

  2. The bottle cap eye is inspired! I'm going to try that on my sock monsters. Thanks for the idea. Chris =]

  3. Oh, she is awesome!! So cute! xo Heather